"Then he took the harp to tune it. God! whoever saw how well he handled it, touching the strings and making them vibrate, sometimes causing them to sing and at other times to join in harmonies, he would have been reminded of the heavenly harmony."

 from Roman de Horn (c. 1170)



The medieval harp in the 21st century has the same power to enchant and uplift that it had in the 12th. Angelorum, directed by renowned harpist Cheryl Ann Fulton, brings the music of the spheres down to earth weaving together medieval modes, melodies, and methods of improvisation on historical harps to create a vibrant, shimmering tapestry of sound.


Angelorum, the world's only medieval harp choir, was first formed in 1996 by director Cheryl Ann Fulton. The group has performed in the Festival of Harps; with Chanticleer in the production of The Resurrection Play of Tours; and appeared with Ensemble Alcatraz and KITKA on their CD Cantigas de Amigo.  The current group recently performed a program of the music of Hildegard von Bingen with singer Karen Clark and Vajra Voices for the 2014 Berkeley Early Music Festival and a CD recoding project is in the works.